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Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 12:26:47 -0700

At 02:05 PM 10/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Margaret wrote:
>Would butter-flavored Crisco work as a substitute?  I'm lactose intolerant,
>so haven't used butter for years.  I found it difficult to find Nucoa in
>the East about 1980 when I was on a research trip, but have used it for
>years because it's one of the few margarines that contains no milk.  Now
>we're into Brummel and Brown yogurt/margarine stuff for baked potatoes, at
>least, but we go through tubs in short order.   For baking I do use
>butter-flavored Crisco.  Margaret
>If you like the Brummel and Brown stuff, you'll flip for Corman's Light
>Butter. It's imported by Scratter Foods from Belgium and doesn't have the
>slightly oily feel/taste that the Brummel and Brown does. It really does
>taste very much like fresh, unsalted real butter. And I am a butter
>purist...I can't abide margarine and will either do without or use real
>One thing I'm unclear about is the lactose intolerence issue. Since butter
>is 100% fat, I would assume (always dangerous) that it has no lactose, since
>lactose is a sugar (carb). Yogurt, on the other hand, would seem to
>aggravate a lactose intolerance, since it is a milk product. But I am
>horribly ignorant when it comes to chemistry....Liz, you'd know, so speak up
Catharine, I only rely on what my doctor and my sphincter tell me.  The
doctor tells me yogurt is digestible by those with lactose intolerances,
and I have not had physical problems with it.  Watery diarrhea and sore
tush tell me butter is a no-no.  My husband's college roommate refused to
eat margarine, too, but objected to the price of butter.  So he did what a
lot of people do about things like saffron and butter -- he stole it.  

I remember "white" margarine.  The button you used to break and massage it
into the margarine was full of annatto or achiote powder.  I thought it
looked like lard and wouldn't eat it.  But I have had to be satisfied with
margarine for over 20 years for toast, etc. , and I'm not sorry I can't eat
butter.  Nor am I sorry I can't bake pies.  My Dad prided himself on his
pies (crust always made with lard), until he died at 59 of a massively
blocked artery.  Doctor hadn't checked his cholesterol.  Margaret