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Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:05:59 -0500

Margaret wrote:

Would butter-flavored Crisco work as a substitute?  I'm lactose intolerant,
so haven't used butter for years.  I found it difficult to find Nucoa in
the East about 1980 when I was on a research trip, but have used it for
years because it's one of the few margarines that contains no milk.  Now
we're into Brummel and Brown yogurt/margarine stuff for baked potatoes, at
least, but we go through tubs in short order.   For baking I do use
butter-flavored Crisco.  Margaret

If you like the Brummel and Brown stuff, you'll flip for Corman's Light
Butter. It's imported by Scratter Foods from Belgium and doesn't have the
slightly oily feel/taste that the Brummel and Brown does. It really does
taste very much like fresh, unsalted real butter. And I am a butter
purist...I can't abide margarine and will either do without or use real

One thing I'm unclear about is the lactose intolerence issue. Since butter
is 100% fat, I would assume (always dangerous) that it has no lactose, since
lactose is a sugar (carb). Yogurt, on the other hand, would seem to
aggravate a lactose intolerance, since it is a milk product. But I am
horribly ignorant when it comes to chemistry....Liz, you'd know, so speak up