Re: [gardeners] butter

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 06:57:48 -0700

At 10:14 AM 10/26/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Penny
>We had frost completely covering the car this morning but the remaining
marigolds, pansies and small dahlias in the window boxes are still
flowering as are some of the plants in pots and gardens.  My tuberous
begonias are still going strong too.  We've had some beautiful gardening
days lately but I wasn't able to get out and enjoy them.  Must bring in
some things that I want to overwinter soon before they bite the dust.
>$5.00 for a lb. of butter!!!  Ours went up to about $2.79 or so and I
thought that was expensive.  Did you think about asking why the price
jumped so high and so quickly?  It can't just be because of the upcoming
Christmas baking season.  Glad I've decided to cut down on my baking this
>Will definitely check out the price within the next day or so.  I can't
live without butter.  With 6 kids we couldn't afford butter at home.
Growing up in Quebec where it was illegal to precolour the margarine, I
have very vivid memories of having to mix the colouring that came with the
margarine.  Anyone going to Ontario would bring back lots of precoloured
margarine.  When my sis and I got our first pay cheques, first thing we
bought was butter.
>Hoping Jack Frost holds off a little longer.
>Penny Nielsen
>Halifax, Nova Scotia
>Zone 5/6a
>With Holiday baking just around the corner, we've run into
>a nightmare. Here in New York, and also in St.Louis, Mo.,
>butter is selling for $5.00 a pound. Has the same thing
>happened to all of you? 
>Penny, NY zone 6
Would butter-flavored Crisco work as a substitute?  I'm lactose intolerant,
so haven't used butter for years.  I found it difficult to find Nucoa in
the East about 1980 when I was on a research trip, but have used it for
years because it's one of the few margarines that contains no milk.  Now
we're into Brummel and Brown yogurt/margarine stuff for baked potatoes, at
least, but we go through tubs in short order.   For baking I do use
butter-flavored Crisco.  Margaret