RE: [gardeners] Extended growing season :) (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 01:13:57 -0500

Gayle wrote:

I dooo have a project for the front lawn - a flower bed.  I have a rise
in my lawn about 2 feet that is just crying for a retaining wall flower
bed about 15 feet long, 2 feet high and 3-4 feet wide.  Hmmmmmmm I
wonder ?  Do we have time.  Glenn would KILL me!! BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

Gayle - my vote is easy. Go for making the new bed; after all a bed made in
the fall allows time for the freeze/thaw cycles to really break up the clods
and work magic ahead of time for spring. One suggestion: when you break the
news to Glenn, run like hell!!! <bg>

Catharine/zone 7b/Atlanta