[gardeners] happening in the garden

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 06:23:50 -0600

	Not much - it was supposed to go down into the upper 20's last night so
that will about do  everyting in.  We are actually about ready to put the
garden to bed but it has been amazing how much some of the plants kept
going.  Impatience still looked good - yesterday, one cactus type dahlia
(don't know var name, but it is gorgous - pink outer petals, with white
more in the inside) has blooms all over it and would have brought some in
to enjoy but the cucumber beetles have been chewing away.  
	Ray picked all the green tomatoes so hopefully we will have as good luck
with them as we did last year.  Angel's trumpet outside had set more buds
but guess that will be finished today also!  The white one has huge
pendulous blooms in the plant room.  The cup and saucer vine took almost
all summer to get going.  I had purchased an oblisk to grow a vine on and
now it has gone to the top, over and onto the hemlock in back of it!  Not
too terribly many blooms.  Didn't realize this was such a rampant plant.
Not sure what to put on the oblisk next year, can't remeber what we saw
growing on them mostly in England.  Will have to ask our English friends
when we see them in a couple of week.
	We are so excited, we will get to see them - actually pick them up at the
air port and transport them to Topeka where we willl stay with one of the
other couples that we went to England with us in the summer of '97.  Should
be a fun weekend. Just wish they were coming at a better time of the year
garden wise for us!  but at that time of the year they are in the middle of
their "English House party weeks".  We are going to see them again this
summer only earlier and they will take us to the Chelsea flower show!!!! I
know David wrote that they are completely booked for every week end in '99.
 But if anyone is interested in spending a week in Sommerset England
staying with a British gardening couple and doinging nothing for a week but
visiting English gardens, both private and public, write and I will give
you David's e-mail address.
	Wonder how many rolls of film I should take?  I only took 36 rolls in the
three weeks we were in Greece!  Hubby says we can't afford any more trips
AND my photographs!  but did get some gorgeous photos, will try to get
daughter to post them on my web page - will let anyone interested know.
would still think serious about a digital camera and by pass the film,
processing etc., but can't get slides from them or at least not as far as I
know. Anyone knowledgeable about digital photograph?  Whole new world!   
	Barb Rothenberger - in now chilly Columbia, Mo - finally!
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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