Re: [gardeners] Knock, knock

Barb Rothenberger (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 06:25:45 -0600

Jane:  you should get a little camera that will fit in your purse and drag
it around with you.  I have a little Olympus P & s (point and shoot) and it
really does great - I was suprised at the quality even comparing with my

At 03:36 PM 11/5/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi George,
>I'm out here, but at work.  It's wierd foggy today and I can hardly see the
>mountain 1/2 mile away.  I could have gotten some great black and white
>photos of mountain, fog and sun at lunch time, of course I didn't have the
>camera with me.  It's cold here but it really hasn't frosted hard at all.
>I did have a little ice on the bird bath this morning.  On a gardening note
>I think I will bring in some of my chrysanthemums tonight and check the
>raspberry bushes for a last picking.  Gotta get back to work.
>>Sheesh, I'm suffering withdrawal pains, is anyone out there today?
>>Not much going on in the Shirley garden as we are suffering a mild
>>norther blowing in. Yesterday we picked enough green beans to put up 3
>>more pints of dilly beans and I picked a peck (not really!) of peppers.
>>A mixture of mild Longhorn and Thai Hot chiles. The Longhorns went to
>>friends who really like them, except for about a dozen we will eat with
>>our meals. The Thai Hot's were made into a pepper sauce suitable for
>>greens, beans, and whatever. Again the sauce will be a gift at the
>>appropriate time. Christmas shopping is done except for the youngest
>>grandchild. The older ones get money, the kids get a food and herb
>>package as do near relatives and friends.
>>On top of all of this our little upright freezer is full and the pantry
>>is full. Other than possible some carrots and greens I don't see us
>>putting much food by this winter although I may try to make a sauerkraut
>>What's happening in your garden?
>>George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg (both the humans are much better thank
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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