Re: [gardeners] butter

penny x stamm (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:30:44 -0500

Liz, I used to buy Land O' Lakes butter/margarine mixture,
because it tasted like butter, and it was spreadable even if
refrigerated.  And then, after many moons of using it, 
something made me inspect the box. It was the same color
as always, and almost the identical logo and words, but 
there had been a silent switch in formula, and suddenly 
instead of the original -- I'm not sure, perhaps 60/40 mix, 
it had turned into a 5/95, or only 5% butter.....  Therefore
they could continue to say that it was a combo.

I called the company and asked how they could dream of
trying to pull the wool over our eyes like this, and the answer
was that the nation had become fat conscious, and preferred
margarine, so they were going with the flow..... I told them
that this was akin to fraud in advertising, and they had lost one
big customer, but they had nothing else to say. 

Haven't read the boxes in a coupla years now. But I'll do without
before I'll buy L O'L products.

Right now New Jersey (maybe it's Cosco...?) has butter at
3 for $10; Connecticut's mammoth Stu Leonard's sells it at
2 for $7; locally it runs between $5 and $4.50 a lb. It's worth 
the 40 minute drive to either of those out-of-state stores to 
pick up butter supplies...! 

Penny, NY 

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