Re: [gardeners] Green Eggplant (was: In the garden)

George Shirley (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 13:52:21 -0800

The Louisiana Long Green eggplant is an heirloom plant and a friend gave
me the seed. There are a few of the seed companies out there that have
seed for an eggplant that is like other eggplant except it is green
instead of purple.


Sullivan Peggy wrote:
> George writes:
> >...[snip]... The Louisiana Long Green eggplant has set new fruit and I
> >hope it stays warm enough for them to get some size on them.
> Ever since I left Louisiana I have been looking for seeds for green eggplant.
> I have found the usual purple in many shapes, also white, pink, etc. but no green.
> Is green eggplant a Louisiana only phenomenon?  Are seeds available?
> I should introduce myself since this is my first message on this list. I have
> been gardening (first vegetables, then herbs, then other perennials, then fruit
> bushes and trees ... its hard to stop once you start) for more than 20 years.
> I started out gardening in Baton Rouge, then upstate NY, then Indiana, and now I'm
> in NE Pa.
> We had our first hard freezes last week -- finally doing in the peppers, tomatoes,
> eggplant, cosmos, salvia, etc.  Spent the weekend cleaning up the vege garden --
> only the swiss chard and brussel sprouts still going strong.  At this time of year
> we empty the compost bins onto the vege garden before refilling them with the leaves
> falling from our trees and blowing into the yard from the neighbors.  I hate hauling
> compost, but I love what it does to the garden.
> Peggy Sullivan, pickling the last of the jalepenos, in NE Pa. Zone 5