Re: [gardeners] Green Eggplant (was: In the garden)

Sullivan Peggy (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:28:52 -0500

Penny, NY zone 6 writes:

> Does NE Pennsylvania have many mini-climates, ...

Yes it does.  I live in the "mountains" outside Wilkes-Barre.
We are usually 5 or more degrees cooler on a summer day than
the cities in the river valley -- often the difference between
needing (or wanting) air-conditioning and not -- but not always.  
We also get colder in the winter, and gardeners in the valley
get their tomatoes in and ripe earlier than we do.

We sometimes get more sun though -- some mornings the fog hangs
in the valley for hours after it has burned off up here.

We don't have reliable snow cover all winter and usually have 
one or two really cold spells a winter, and as a result I
rarely take chances with things that are only hardy to zone 6 --
I stick to zone 5 recommended plants, despite the zone maps.

Where in NY are you?  I commute to Binghamton two days a week.

Peggy Sullivan, whose NGP is off to a conference in MN today -- 
	where I understand winter has arrived