Re: [gardeners] Green Eggplant

penny x stamm (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:12:33 -0500

Peggy, we have a son & family in Rochester, NY and a
cousin in Reading, so I know the territory. I happen to be
20 miles north of Manhattan, 4 miles from Long Island Sound
which means that I have the benefit of the Gulf Stream and
much kinder weather than the folks along the Hudson River...
I would say that we're a true zone 6. 

We certainly don't have reliable snow cover all winter -- winter 98
only brought 1 snow storm!  Three or four winters ago, of course, 
we had 18 snow storms -- but very often it would become a sheet
of ice covering everything in sight, only NOT completely covering
the shrubbery. That meant that all the azalea and rhodie buds were
killed above the snow line, altho the shrubs themselves were not. 
The world was very strange looking that following spring..  Our usual 
snowy weather occurs about 3-4 times a winter. My biggest winter 
losses usually are r.purple gem. 

MN is not exactly where I would like to be today -- the weather man
said winds are up at 70mph, and the snow is blanketing. My Chicago
daughter and Rochester son should be inheriting this nightmare in a
day or so -- and most often, we get it in the end, anyway! 

Penny, NY

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