Re: [gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

David G. Smith (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 20:20:26 -0500

Our pups prefer RED sweet peppers.

David Smith

At 01:43 PM 11/18/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Woke up to a foggy day that later turned very nice with spotty clouds
>and a little sunshine. We've been eating broccoli out of the garden
>about every two days, about as often as I can stand the stuff.
>Incidentally, Sleepy Dawg likes raw broccoli, was cutting some up and it
>hit the floor and she scarfed it and begged for more. Guess I'll have to
>add broccoli to her favorite green sweet peppers as a treat.
>The green beans are still a-producing as are the radishes and carrots,
>looks like another two weeks to start harvesting fresh cabbage. Looks
>weird to have cabbage and eggplants growing next to each other in our
>winter garden. The chard is slow developing at the moment but I'm sure
>it will get its second wind soon. Cukes are showing up about one a week
>that is eating size and, get this, the late summer/fall tomatoes are
>absolutely covered with blossoms and small tomatoes. Thinking seriously
>about digging one up and putting it in the greenhouse when, or if, we
>get some cold days.
>Spent the morning advising a client on best use of a large greenhouse
>they have reactivated. Strange thing for me to do as I usually don't get
>asked that type of question. Since they are a non-profit organization I
>pointed them at house plants and herbs, two items they should be able to
>sell easily and two that, if carefully chosen, won't affect their
>mentally handicapped clients. I go back next week to teach the
>supervisory staff how to plant stuff from seed and how to nurture it.
>Hey, I'm enjoying this and getting paid to boot, best of both worlds.
>Hope all are enjoying life and gardens.