[gardeners] Saturday in the Garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 18:36:23 -0800

Worked on the greenhouse about 5 hours today along with my best friend.
We got all the bad studs, joists, and rafters replaced but it was a
chore. Nothing was cut to a standard size, the originals all varied by
up to 2 inches so everything had to be custom cut. This time it's all
made out of kiln-dried pine that has been painted on all edges and sides
and put together with galvanized screws and galvanized screw plates. By
Monday afternoon I should have the skin back on and will be ready to
scout out a decent storm door for the entry. I have the vent fan laid
out in the carport now, working okay but the thermostat is bad. When the
electric supply houses open Monday morning I will pick up and install a
new thermostat and some new light fixtures. Have the exterior type
outlet and switches installed and ready for the conduit and wiring and
then will have to dig a 75 foot trench around to the breaker box I
installed for the thing. 

Whew, a lot of work to protect our plants for the few freezes we get but
will really come in handy for continuing the growth of our few tropical
and sub-tropical plants not to mention the ability to grow a few
standards over the winter. Actually it's a labor of love as we have
always wanted a greenhouse and now will have one.

Gotta pick green beans and broccoli tomorrow and I see a ready to eat
edible squash sticking out of the vine.

Sleepy Dawg is tired out from protecting us while we worked and keeping
the "boogers" away. Pretty soon we'll both get a shower and then watch
some TV. Life is good even when your legs hurt.