[gardeners] Gifts

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:15:35 -0800

Went to a friends house this afternoon. They are in late sixties and
have taken up traveling as a hobby. Ripping out their gardens of
anything that requires care or gets in way of commercial lawncare
company. Got 15 "fashion" azaleas, dwarfs is what I was told. Have coral
pink blooms and bloom twice yearly. Since I detest azaleas these will go
to the daughter for use at her place and in her school gardens. Pretty
good score though as these things sell at the nursery for $7.50 in a
one-gallon pot. 

Miz Anne got a big hanging pot of hen and chicks to use in her "living"
wreath she's working on plus a yellow-flowering sedum that Myna had in a
small bed.

These are the folks I'm teaching to use their computer for word
processing, web surfing, email, etc. Kinda of a trade here, best way to
do it.

Hate to see them quit gardening as their small lot was a beauty with a
fish pond, swings, greenhouse, many raised beds and lots of perennials.
All going away now, the fish live somewhere else and the pond has been
filled in. The swings will stay as their grandchildren play on them.
Strangely enough they're not the least bit sad about it, they're moving
on to a different life-style so we're happy for them.

It was a beautiful day here, crisp and cool with lots of sunshine. A
perfect day to work in the gardens and generally laze about outside.
Just cool enough for a light windbreaker and for Sleepy Dawg to be
energetic and run about in sheer delight at being alive. Miz Anne is
mowing the front yard right now, really to pick up what leaves have
fallen to have for the garden rows.

Hope all are enjoying their Sunday.

George, Anne, and Sleepy Dawg Shirley