[gardeners] Tagetes

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Sat, 28 Nov 1998 08:38:45 +0000

Taree wrote: 
> The deer don't like the stink weed variety either. They must know something.

Soon after moving to the Texas Hill country, being told deer didn't 
like marigolds, I planted a flat of what the local nursery called 
Marimums -- a kind of marigold that was thrifty, ie, would decently 
dropp its blooms as they were spent.

The next morning I saw a number of the marimums out of the ground, 
flung some feet away. Wondering if we had a pranking child in the 
area, I carefully tucked each little plant back in the ground, gave 
it a shot of water and hoped for the best.

The following morning, more marimums were tossed hither and thither. 
I replanted, rewatered, and thought I'd keep an eye out that evening 
for pranksters.

That night clear skies and a bright moon gave a clear view of 
a doe ploddingly pulling up and spitting out row after row of 

Reluctantly, I agreed with her that the things did smell pretty foul 
and pulled the rest to save her the trouble. Never planted them 
again. Never learned if they were, indeed, "thrifty."

Pat, who grows "Mexican mint marigold" (my poor man's tarragon) 
behind an 8 foot wire fence.

Pat, who figures the deer were here before her and are entitled to