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Sat, 28 Nov 1998 10:26:01 EST

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> Taree wrote: 
>  > The deer don't like the stink weed variety either. They must know 
> something.
>  Soon after moving to the Texas Hill country, being told deer didn't 
>  like marigolds, I planted a flat of what the local nursery called 
>  Marimums -- a kind of marigold that was thrifty, ie, would decently 
>  dropp its blooms as they were spent.

Well the only ones I have used for this are the shrub varieties and the deer
have never even nibbled. Ofcourse I only plant them on clients lots
WAYYYYYYYYy away from the house so they dont have to smell them as they are

Taree (Landscape Contractor/CA)