Re: [gardeners] mild fall

Liz Albrook (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:45:16 +0000

On 24 Nov 98 at 11:10, Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> You don't have to take my word for the fact that we've had a mild
> fall.  I received a call yesterday from a Boise woman whose
> forsythia is in bloom. Well, one blossom anyway.  So she is forcing
> some more branches.  Margaret

Been out of town but...

I'm expecting to lose both lindens that were planted last year.  It 
isn't just the mild fall that's a problem -- it was the early cold 
followed by a month long warm spell that has really caused havoc 
around here.  All the leaf buds on both lindens opened in October at 
the same time that a neighbor's lilac went into full bloom.  There's 
now been enough cold to send the lindens into dormancy but there's 
nary a bud in sight for next year's leaves.  Oh well, easy come, easy