[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 19:07:23 -0800

Decided late this afternoon that I would make a stir fry for supper
tonight. Went out to the garden and cut the last of the edible gourds,
two fair-sized broccoli heads, picked a dozen or so green beans, got a
few carrots, three or four radishes, an eggplant, a fist-sized chunk of
sunchoke, about a dozen sweet chiles plus a couple of Thai Hots, and a
small finger of ginger. 

Cooked about a half pound of boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a
teaspoon of sesame oil and tossed in a chopped onion and about 4 cloves
of finely chopped garlic. The carrots and green beans went in next to
steam a bit with the cover on the wok and then added the rest of the
ingredients. I think I got carried away a bit, there's enough stir-fry
there for us to eat on all week. Oh well, got a sick neighbor so they
get a goodly dinner tonight when they get back from church. Left a note
on their door so they, and I, wouldn't forget.

The cabbages are growing well but the cukes have about had it, too cool
for those summer loving veggies. Broccoli is growing well enough for
about 3 messes a week and the same with the green beans. Got one more
Long Green eggplant a-growing and will probably eat it next week and
then pull the bush.

Plan to leave most of the sunchokes in the ground and eat on them all
winter. Did a recipe search in several places on the net and got about a
dozen sunchoke recipes that look good. They do make a good substitute
for water chestnuts so will use them in stir fry over the winter. Plan
to can a few half-pints to use later as we may get a warm winter and
then I would have more sunchokes than I need.

Picked a double hand full of kumquats today and we will have them with
our breakfast and lunch tomorrow. About that many left on the little
tree and I'm glad we got that much as this is it's first year in the
ground. Got planted in, I believe, February this year. The Ponderosa
lemons are getting ripe so will have to freeze a bunch of juice and I
think I'll make some lemon marmalade in half pint jars to go in the
Christmas baskets we give out.

Today was beautiful, cool and sunny but with a bit too much wind to be
handling 12 foot sheets of corrugated fiberglas so we didn't work on the
greenhouse today at all. Hope all had a fine weekend and are looking
forward to a good week.