[gardeners] Friday in the Garden (part-time)

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 18:23:07 -0800

Left early this morning for a big audit at one of my clients
establishment. Finally got back about 2 pm to find several faxes waiting
for answers and about 45 minutes of telephone messages waiting for the
same. Finished up everything about 4:30 and went out to see what was
available for supper. Picked a mess of green beans, several nice
carrots, a small batch of broccoli, a few radishes (gotta replant those)
and discovered that the "cauliflower" that Miz Anne bought is really
collards. Will pick the collards later I guess, been so long since we
grew any I'm not even sure if we'll like them.

Anyway, Sleepy Dawg and I started preparing supper about 5 pm expecting
Miz Anne to roll in from her art class for children about 5:30. Put a
nice steak on to broil, one I bought at the supermarket "used meat" bin,
the place where they mark the meat down the day before it hits its
expiry date. I buy it then, take it home, vacuum seal it and freeze it.
Get good aged beef and pork at about half price. Cleaned the other
stuff, cooked the green beans and broccoli, sliced up the carrots and
radishes for smacking raw, and set the table. 

Miz Anne finally got in about 5:45 as I was putting the grub on the
table. Like me she had been busy all day, subbing at the high school
from 8 am until 3 pm and then going to her kiddo class so she was ready
to eat and put her feet up. She's watching "Emily of New Moon," a nice
little serial about a young girl in the 1880's on WAM, an Encore
channel. Sleepy is gnawing on her favorite bone at my feet and I'm about
ready to put my feet up for awhile.

Tomorrow Miz Anne goes to Houston to deliver some paintings to a gallery
and to visit the youngest grandchild and I have to go into Lake Charles
to teach 65 people how to wear air-purifying respirators. Darn, I
thought we were semi-retired. Looks like next week will be as bad. Had
hoped to finish up the greenhouse tomorrow but will make a stab on
Sunday if it doesn't rain.

Hope all are looking forward to a restful weekend. Just remember that
life is good.