RE: [gardeners] Big Max, Little Max?? (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 21:29:27 -0500

Gayle wrote:

Good morning everyone.  Last night I saw an advertisement on the T.V.
for "Big Max and Little Max".  They are attachments you put on your
drill for planting.  They are like little augers that you attach, drill
into the soil, and then put the plant in the hole.  I thought they
looked pretty useless unless used in very well tilled soil (then why
would they be needed?) and it you ever hit a rock with one I could see
some damage to wrists etc.  Anyone else see these ads?

I often use a 16" auger bit attachment (I think it's about 16"; might be
12"; might be 24"--I am lousy at eyeballing sizes) to dig planting holes. I
started doing it to plant big daffodil bulbs, but then I played around and
used it to drill and "fluff" planting holes for perennials in 4" to 1-quart
size nursery pots. Works like a charm in beds that are tightly packed with
perennials, since I can get into spaces I can't easily dig with a spading
fork or a dutch hoe. I use it in unimproved soils in my makes it
a lot easier to plant 100+ foxgloves I've raised from seed and doesn't
disturb the forest floor nearly as much as a spade will.

I use a powerful drill and go pretty slow unless I am sure I am working in
an area without rocks, stones or enormous pine tree roots that are close to
the surface.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b