Re: [gardeners] Big Max, Little Max??

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 00:05:12 -0500

>> Catharine,
>> Rocks?  In the soil?  You mean there are places with rocks in the soil?
>> Like where you would hit them with a shovel or drill?
>> My, my...  Some folks really do have it tough...
>You mean a pickax and pry bar aren't part of your regular garden tool
>assortment? We've built whole walls and paves paths with what I dig up each
>just trying to plant in the cultivated area. Frost has even heaved large
>fieldstones into the nice, originally stone-free raised bed area.
>I can't imagine a garden without rocks. I guess that's why my mattock is
one of
>my favorite garden tools.

You know, I would like to have them available for just such as that, but
I am *very* glad that it is not a problem here.
I'll just continue to haul them home from the mountains.  :-)

Coastal Carolina