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Where in the Bay Area are you? I'm a lurker & learner also in the Bay Area
- currently in Berkeley.
Marianne Darke

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>Dear Penny,
>Usually for a few nights we cover fragile plants like citrus, Rosemary, etc.
>with black plastic, but this was so unexpected and about three months before
>this normally happens if at all.
>I really am sad that I was a day late in transplanting my beloved chile plants
>into pots to bring indoors to over-winter.  Do you think if I were to do this
>now there could be life left?  Some are really rare ones from India, Thailand
>etc., and due to our cool and wet summer hadn't hardly bloomed or produced
>this season. *sigh*
>We Californians don't know how to garden in a short-cool-wet season that is
>snapped by bitter coldness.  For us 27 or 28F is VERY cold.