[gardeners] Re: tools

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 19:08:32 -0800

We, too, use kitchen cutlery in the garden. Each of us has one of these
small kitchen knives with a stainless blade and an aluminum handle, very
useful for dividing plants, cutting roots, harvesting plants, etc. A
couple of large serving spoons reside in my bucket of potting mix, and a
recycled window cleaner bottle with sprayer works well for misting. I
keep one full of weak camomile tea to help in fighting damping off of

Most of the oddball stuff we use in the garden comes from local garage
and yard sales. If we happen to be passing one we stop as some
"interesting" garden items can often be had for pennies. A piece of 1/2
inch PVC piping about 4 feet long keeps me from having to stoop to drop
seeds. I think I read about that on this list, can't remember. Old
stoneware serving bowls that are to crazed to use in the kitchen make
nice planters. Use the concrete drill on slow speed to drill a drain
hole in the bottom. Miz Anne looks for old pitchers to use in drawing
classes and then we use them in the garden for various duties.