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Wed, 9 Dec 1998 21:28:11 -0500

MaPat wrote:

There is hardly any piece of tableware, whether goldware, sterling,
silver plate, stainless steel, or plastic that cannot be pressed into
usefulness in the garden.

You have brought up a most salient point. Perhaps you now will shed some
light on what I consider to be a Great Mystery of Life in These Modern
Times. Specifically, why is it we cannot avail ourselves of sterling serving
implements for many of the comestibles we enjoy as a result of our
transition to fast food and instant gastronomic satisfaction. Would that the
proper implements exist in sterling, we would also have the satisfaction of
using these tools in the garden, as well as a table. This, in and of itself,
would certainly justify the small monetary investment required for life in
the style of the Titanic if that is what we wish to emulate (I suggest life
preservers, however).

An example, since I find myself rambling. As a result of our ever-increasing
awareness of the evils of cholesteral and toxic contamination to our oceans,
few of us regularly consume a plate of raw oysters as a first course. Oyster
forks are passe, alas. Similarly, sterling grape shears are rarely presented
at table, since so few meals are actually eat at table. More and more we are
served our dinner through a window and consume while driving our car. Oyster
forks and grape shears have great possibilities in the garden that are
overlooked as a result of their demise at the dinner service.

With the demise of oyster forks, grape shears (and please let us not forget
the decline in the sales of pea spoons, citrus spoons, and fish servers), we
have not seen the influx of new implements to facilitate our current dietary

To wit: neither Gorham nor Reed&Barton has introduced a sterling pizza wheel
(hollow handle, of course). Yet, pizza is the most popular entree in these
United States. There are times when a stainless steel pizza wheel simply
will not do....the Christmas dinner pizza served to 4 generations at table
really does call for ceremony, after all. And consider ketchup. There are
times when those little foil packages of Del Monte are insufficient. One
hopes for a tasteful little sterling cup in which to dip ones curly fry.
Nothing fancy, I am thinking of something similar to the pill cups used in
hospitals to distribute pills to patients whose insurance is still in force.
And a sterling ketchup cup would be ever so handy for measuring out
SuperThrive in the greenhouse.

Should we approach Ms. Martha with these opportunities?