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Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 07:49:31 -0700

At 09:28 PM 12/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>MaPat wrote:
>There is hardly any piece of tableware, whether goldware, sterling,
>silver plate, stainless steel, or plastic that cannot be pressed into
>usefulness in the garden.
>You have brought up a most salient point. Perhaps you now will shed some
>light on what I consider to be a Great Mystery of Life in These Modern
>Times. Specifically, why is it we cannot avail ourselves of sterling serving
>implements for many of the comestibles we enjoy as a result of our
>transition to fast food and instant gastronomic satisfaction. Would that the
>proper implements exist in sterling, we would also have the satisfaction of
>using these tools in the garden, as well as a table. This, in and of itself,
>would certainly justify the small monetary investment required for life in
>the style of the Titanic if that is what we wish to emulate (I suggest life
>preservers, however).
>With the demise of oyster forks, grape shears (and please let us not forget
>the decline in the sales of pea spoons, citrus spoons, and fish servers), we
>have not seen the influx of new implements to facilitate our current dietary
>To wit: neither Gorham nor Reed&Barton has introduced a sterling pizza wheel
>(hollow handle, of course). Yet, pizza is the most popular entree in these
>United States. There are times when a stainless steel pizza wheel simply
>will not do....the Christmas dinner pizza served to 4 generations at table
>really does call for ceremony, after all. And consider ketchup. There are
>times when those little foil packages of Del Monte are insufficient. One
>hopes for a tasteful little sterling cup in which to dip ones curly fry.
>Nothing fancy, I am thinking of something similar to the pill cups used in
>hospitals to distribute pills to patients whose insurance is still in force.
>And a sterling ketchup cup would be ever so handy for measuring out
>SuperThrive in the greenhouse.
>Should we approach Ms. Martha with these opportunities?
I'd like to see sterling wiener tongs, hamburger forks, and pie
server-shaped pizza "spoons" for pizzas that sag at the end.  I think the
wiener tongs especially would be useful in prevention of ummmm....diner's
disease....making sure the wiener is untouched by unwashed hands.  Those
might also be useful in weeding.  Margaret L