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Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:35:55 -0700

That's is very funny - when people first see my name they pronounce it that

I should add that I work here at the campus & live in Pinole.  I'm an
almost single mom with very limited time.  I still an a newbie to
gardening.  I have a nice little plot at home - but the hill behind me
needs A WHOLE LOT of preparation/perspiration before I can really start
planting.  I've started little areas with budleia, gaura, mexican sage &
some annuals tossed in (literally).
This cold snap caught me by surprise as I had planned to take cuttings of
the budleias and never got around to it.  Plus I have several containers of
plants that I failed to protect.  But the good part is that I get to spend
some more quality time browsing Berkeley Horticulture.

Marianne Darke
Taking a break in Berkeley, CA

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>Where in the Bay Area are you? I'm a lurker & learner also in the Bay Area
>- - currently in Berkeley.
>Marianne Darke
>This is a little weird my name is Mary-Anne Durkee and I live in Alamo just a
>few miles from you.