Re: [gardeners] Growing tomatoes for book?

Margaret E. Millard (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 18:01:40 -0800

Are you interested in someone outside the us? I am in Nova Scotia Canada
and am planning on trying a variety of seeds this year to show locals
how many different ones we can grow successfully here and how. If you
think I might be of help then by all means contact me..I would be zone 6
in the USDA I think...we are along the coast and we do have starnge
weather here . Marg wrote:
> Although Margaret slipped and spilled the beans that I am writing a book, I
> still feel awkward writing a public note about a part of the project. So, if
> I'm out of place posting this, I apologize; it's not my intent to promote
> anything commercial here EVER.
> The book grew out of time spent online talking with other gardeners and
> growers. The subject is tomatoes, with an emphasis on heirlooms and open
> pollinated varieties. The idea is to have as many experienced (and not so
> experienced) growers from different regions of North America (as well as
> overseas) trial different varieties and include their comments and
> experiences in the book.
> Some of the folks here have already indicated their interest in growing some
> for the book next season. If you've got an interest in joining the Internet
> Tomato "gang" send me a note ( or
> and I'll get you the information. (Please let me
> know your geographic location and USDA zone).
> I will supply seed for all varieties. You can grow as few as six plants
> (fewer if you've got real limitations on space). Varieties would be mixed,
> e.g., beefsteak, slicer, salad, cherry, novelty, etc. I'd provide sheets to
> keep your growing records and notes that you'd send back to me at the end of
> the growing season. These aren't formal trials....rather they are intended
> to reflect the observations, comments and experiences of real people growing
> under varied conditions.
> I'll start sending out seed in mid-January, so am sending this now, since
> time is getting short for people in the warm zones, etc. For example, I
> usually start some ultra-early tomatoes under lights in late-January to set
> out with protection in mid-March. This means I have tomatoes by mid-May.
> Catharine/ Atlanta, zone 7b

on the south shore of N.S.,
in Canada...Zone 5b