Re: [gardeners] How warm has it been?

penny x stamm (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 01:33:53 -0500

David, it's zone 6 and 31* here just north of NYC too -- must
be the same Gulf Stream effect. Finally cut down the raspberies 
today (sob), but not until I had popped about a dozen into my 
mouth..  We made yet one more attempt to secure that 40 ft of
burlap windshield -- to our horror, yesterday's little wind of 
25mph actually fractured three of the 8 ft stakes, because of the
burlap acting as sails. We've left an air space of about 8 inches
below the burlap, so the wind will not hit a blind wall -- but the
power of nature is immense. Our current strategy is to reinforce
the wooden stakes with 8 ft steel stakes which we have on hand, 
at least in strategic spots. Time will tell..

The roses keep on blooming -- the chill in the air seems to preserve
the blooms quite amazingly. I'm all bundled up and my fingers are
frozen, but the roses do make me smile. When the thermometer 
rises above 45* during midday, I am still deep watering the foundation
planting in rotation for 75 minutes per area so that everything stands
the best chance of surviving the winter winds. It's taking an eternity --
hope I finish going 'round before the weather makes it prohibitive.

And as for the meteor shower Sunday night -- with the predicted
overcast skies, I think once more we are up the creek without a
paddle. What a frustration!

Penny, NY zone 6  

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