Re: [gardeners] When do you start seeds?

George Shirley (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 08:54:08 -0600

I start most of my seed under lights about January 15th. We live in USDA
Zone 9b and our last frost date, if we even have frost, is usually
before the end of February. I believe the local extension office says
February 18th. I start the seeds in 2X2 flats and then move them up to
larger pots depending on the veggie. I also use a soilless mix, whatever
is cheapest at the nursery or feed store as most of them are much alike.
When the plants set their first true leaves I start feeding with a very
dilute liquid fertilizer and I keep a spray bottle of strong chamomile
teas handy for fighting damping off. My light setup is in my home office
where I work daily so I can keep an eye on things, plus I just like to
watch stuff grow.


Lorraine Young wrote:

> I was wondering when anyone started growing their seeds for
> transplants.
> I won't be starting Tomatoes, impatiens and petunias until March,
> but I was wondering about pansies and violas for April planting in
> my Zone 6 garden.  Any ideas?
> Just harvested the last of my spinach.  Does anyone know how
> much frost it can take.  We've had some hard ones here but it was
> fine in the salad we had.  We've had a warm fall.  It does seem
> strange to be harvesting in December but I've never grown spinach
> before this fall.
> Lorraine Young, Southern Ontario