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Sun, 13 Dec 1998 17:04:05 EST

Logee's carries Curry <Murraya koenigii>(E.Indian name =meethi neem)rather

attractive green leaved plant of compounded,pinnate form..Makes a nice

I often travel to Kerela which is a state in Southern India - Malabar Coast
area.  The Curry Tree (Karapincha/Kariyappila/Curry Veppila) is a rather large
tree of 25 to 30 feet in height.  It is lacy and pretty.  The leaves have a
wonderful flavor and are used in both curries and sambars.  It is also used in
Thai, Laos, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cuisine's.  It is also used by
Indonesians and Malays and is called Daun Kari.  I have been trying to find a
source for a sampling in CA for some time now.  The problem is unless a
company has Agricultural approval California requires a $25 certificate and

I am also looking for the Shaploo (Tree ?).  The leaves are used in Thai Miang
Kam.  The taste is tough to duplicate with Spinach and that is as close as it
gets here.  I have wondered if the Piper Betle could be the same as the leaves
look similar.

I am also looking for Piper Nigrum as the fresh green pepper is wonderful in
Thai and Indian cooking.

I am also looking for Capparis Spinosa/Capers.  They were available or should
I say listed on but they never had them available to ship in

If anyone is interested I have had great success with  Kaffir Lime (Citrus
Hystrix) that I purchased from Four Winds Citrus Farms Mission San
Jose/Fremond, CA.  They are just down the road.  About 8 years back I talked
to the owner grower several times about this after trips to Thailand and
convinced him to work on it.  He did grafting etc. and produced a hardy plant.
It is surviving outside (I have 6 for 3 years) in our below 30F at night
temps.  I have two still small and ruggling 10 year old Magroots/Kaffir Limes
that have spent their time indoors grown from Thailand seed.

I hope these requests aren't out of line as I am very new to this list.