[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 21:02:12 -0600

Today started out cool and windy and turned into a cool, sunny day.
Picked a peck, or near-about, of Thai Hots and another of Longhorn
chiles. Put them in the dehydrator and dried them for storage. Also
picked the last of the Louisiana Long Green eggplant, two of them, and
two green tomatoes to go with them. Miz Anne made fried eggplant and
fried green tomatoes for supper tonight to go with the last of the fall
green beans and a couple of ears of corn I had frozen earlier. We split
a lean pork steak for the meat portion and chased it all with lemonade
made from a small portion of one of our newly harvested lemons.

Got some more of the greenhouse skin installed and the battery died on
my driver, it's in the charger now and, as tomorrow is forecast for
sunshine, we will finish the skin then. Been held up by bad winds, hard
to handle 4 feet X 12 feet corrugated fiberglas sheets in 20 knot winds.

Miss Sleepy Dawg enjoyed being out in the cool air this afternoon too.
We played chase the stick, run circles around the old man, and sniff
everything in sight. She did most of the work and I worked on the
greenhouse and garden and laughed at her antics. She particularly likes
to creep up on me and then pounce on my feet. Sorta hard for a black and
white spotted dog to creep up in broad daylight but she thinks she can
do it. That stub of a tail wagging generally gives her away.

Made a nice discovery today too, the chamomile we planted in the spring
reseeded and there were about a dozen plants coming up. Hopefully the
feverfew we lost to drought will do the same thing. Expect the dill will
come up in the spring as I didn't harvest all the seeds this year.

Hope to spread a layer of well rotted rice hulls and horse manure over
the herb garden this week too. Still trying to improve that hillside a
little bit, not much as most culinary herbs like poor soil. Just enough
improvement to please me and make it easier to plant "stuff."

Hope all had a good weekend.

George, still thinking that life is good