[gardeners] Deciduous hollies with lots of berries

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 15:16:02 -0500

I remember someone asked about what kinds of hollies are
deciduous and had lots of berries on them.  I knew I had the
information somewhere, but I had to find it.

I finally got around to digging it out, so whoever wanted to know,
here is what is recommened for the heaviest berry display.  :-)

The Caolina Cardinal Holly---Ilex x Carolina Cardinal is suited for
zones 5-9.  It is deciduous with outstanding berry display.  It has the
heaviest set of winter fruit of all the kinds at NC State campus.
The berries are a brilliant red color that shows up well.
The plant grows as a large bush which is almost as wide as it is tall.

Another one that is recommened is Carolina Sentinal Holly---Ilex x Carolina
Sentinal.  It is hardy in zones 6-9 and also has a heavy fruit set.  Both
of these are easily pollinated so get heavy fruit set, although it is
for there to be a male holly in the vacinity somewhere.   This one
grows taller than the Carolina Cardinal, and less wide.

Hope this helps.  :-)

Coastal Carolina
USDA zone 8; AHS Heat zone 8; Sunset zone 31