Re: [gardeners] feverfew

George Shirley (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:55:50 -0600

Thanks Mary, I'm heartened by your experience. The feverfew had gone to flower
while I was ill and Miz Anne didn't know to pluck the flowers to keep it going.
With any luck it seeded and we will have more as feverfew tea seems to help Miz
Anne's migraine headaches better than pills and nostrums.

George wrote:

> In a message dated 14/12/98 03:09:08 GMT, writes:
> << Hopefully the feverfew we lost to drought will do the same thing. >>
> Hi George, I planted seed for this 2 years ago in the French garden. That year
> I had only a handful of plants but this year I had quite a lot more. I got the
> feeling they need to settle down and do their own thing by self-seeding.
> Mary in England