[gardeners] Rose of Sharons

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 21:48:30 PST

Dear Dave,
  I have a backyard completely lined along the chain link fence
Rose of Sharons.  There must be 20-30 of them, about l0 years
old.  I 
just bought this house in July, and am new to gardening so take
what I 
have to offer with that in mind.  The tree man who came to my
place to 
trim some of the large branches of my holly trees, spruces,
cherry, and American elm, told me that I could consider the Rose
Sharons like weeds:  cut them in early spring or summer however
I wanted 
and they would grow like mad.  He suggested that I cut them way
into the shape that I wanted, and to do this yearly.  I didn't
do it 
during the hot summer but shall do it this coming spring.  I did
the lower branches this fall however as they put out many, many
everywhere along the main stems.  I pull up the little plants as
come up in places where I don't want them, or else they get
mowed with 
the mower if they show up in the grass part of the back yard.  I
that this will help you some.

  Zone 7
  Bethesda, MD

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