Re: [gardeners] So what are you doing for the winter solstice?

George Shirley (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 15:05:24 -0600

I don't think them 'maters are ever gonna get ripe. We're getting occasional
light frosts now and run out and cover the tomatoes when we know one's
a-coming. Think first good freeze will kill them daid as they say in East
Texas. The rest of the stuff will survive freezes, we've picked broccoli with
icicles hanging off the leaves and it kept producing. Thinking about digging
one of the bigger tomatoes, potting it in a five gallon bucket and putting it
in the greenhouse.


Michael & Bambi Cantrell wrote:

> You keep telling us about them fresh veggies, George!
> We'll live vicariously through your garden.
> Love them first tomatoes!   :-)
> Bambi
> Coastal Carolina
> >When I wrote the post the ambient temp was about 38F, yesterday it warmed
> >up to 76F and is expected to do the same today. Our winter garden is
> >growing like a spring garden, green tomatoes as big as baseballs, cukes
> >just played out as did the green beans. Lots of carrots, kohlrabi,
> >radishes, chard, collards, cabbages but no more eggplant, the light frost
> >got the last plant. Strangely the Thai Hots are still bearing and blooming
> >as are the Longhorn chiles. Weird "winter" weather for us.
> >
> >
> >George