Re: [gardeners] OT - white Christmas

George Shirley (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 11:19:47 -0600

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> Fine snow began falling here yesterday afternoon, causing numerous
> fender-benders.  The best news was that we had double digit temperatures
> for the first time in days.  This cold spell dropped to slightly below
> zero, but must have had more humidity than our 1990 cold spell when the
> temp dropped to minus 25 degrees F.  Last week felt colder, and it wasn't
> just me, eight years older, because much younger people were complaining
> about it.  Temp is supposed to get to 33 by 5 today, but it's snowing big
> flakes, as it did overnight.  We now have about 5 inches of light powder,
> and the nearest ski areas have excellent conditions.

We're having a cold spell down here in SW Louisiana too, it must be 35F out
there now and we had a light freeze this morning. The basil finally croaked as
did some of the tomatoes. The Thai Hots are dead and the longhorns look puny
but might make it. The jicama, surprisingly enough, seems to be making it okay.

> I used to use an ergonomic keyboard, that we had to install.  Now my
> computer (regular keyboard) is in the shop, so I'm using the old computer
> with ergonomic keyboard.  I really detest this keyboard now.  Does anyone
> know if i can just plug in the old keyboard and have it work without
> uninstalling this one and installing that one?  BTW, this Microsoft
> ergonomic frotz consists of keys identified by decals that wear off.  I'm
> not all that impressed with the ergonomic-ability of it either.  Margaret L

If you're using Windoze 95 or 98 it would be easy to install the ergonomic
board on the new 'puter. Just follow the instructions after you boot up with it
in place. It may just run fine without installing. The only ergonomic keyboard
I have tried that works is the one that looks like a pyramid and your palms
face each other on it. Damned hard to get used to so I didn't buy it. Never did
learn to type on the vertical plane.

We slept in this holiday morning, first time in 12 years we haven't had kids
and grandkids here for the holiday. Sorta nice to get up about 0830, sit around
and drink coffee and leisurely open the presents we gave each other. Miz Anne
got a Chuckie doll and watch (from RugRats) and a new crossword puzzle book. I
had gotten her a quite expensive art book sometime earlier and she couldn't
wait to read it. I got the Herb Society's Encyclopedia, hurrah. Have been
wanting it for some time but couldn't bring myself to spend that much money.
One of the SIL's sent me Taylor's Guide to Herbs which is also nice. I wonder
why people keep giving me stuff for the garden? <VBG> Sleepy Dawg got a box of
garlic flavored biscuits made by my daughter and granddaughter. Used a
gingerbread man mold but made them look like mailmen. Of course Sleepy loves
our mailman because he carries treats around with him for the dogs on his
route. All are fenced so he walks up to the fence once a week and gives them
all a biscuit. Sleepy also got two squeaky toys, which I may regret, she can
squeak them easily and that's all I've heard for the last hour.

We had a nice brunch about 1030, rosemary eggs, maple bacon (from friends in
Vermont), toasted home-made bread with grapefruit marmalade, tea for Miz Anne
and the obligatory diet Coke for me. (Don't like hot tea and had already had my
coffee for the day.) Miz Anne is about to run out of the Earl Grey we bought in
Hong Kong a few years ago so guess I'll have to find some more for her.

Life is very, very good.