[gardeners] tomato seeds

B. Davis (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 11:50:04 -0500

I just ran into an interesting phenomenon.  About three weeks ago
we were due to have our first frost so I gathered all the green
tomatoes still on my few vines that had regrown after the heat of
summer and had produced tomatoes.  They have been ripening in
my kitchen.  Yesterday, I decided to save a few seeds from the last
of the ripe fruit I was preparing for salad.  I scooped them into a
glass of water so they would clean themselves by soaking the slimy
coating overnight.

This morning, I poured off everything that was floating and dumped
the seeds on the bottom onto a thick layer of newspaper to dry.
Then I noticed that several of the seeds were sending out white
sprouts!  So, now, about a month early, I've planted the sprouted
seeds.  I guess I'll have to keep repotting them as they grow since
our frost-free spring date this year was in mid-April.  Eventually, I
imagine, each one will end up in a gallon pot.  Since I don't have
room inside for growing that size, perhaps I can put them outside in
the bright light during the daytime and put them in the garage at
night when frost is threatening.

Barbara Davis        zone 7/8        southwest of Fort Worth, Texas

P.S.  It's above freezing now, the sun is out and we're to have
gloriously warmer weather, maybe close to 70 F. by Sunday.
These last days when the temperatures haven't risen above freezing
have finished the plants which were still producing in my garden,
mainly sweet, yellow Italian peppers and a mixed array of hot
peppers.  I only hope the small lettuce plants will continue to live and
produce salads for me in January.