[gardeners] The end of the year comes

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 11:22:58 -0500

There is a cold rain falling again.   We went months without rain this
summer, and the weather seems determined to make up for lost
time before the end of the year.  It rained for 4 days, then yesterday
was partly cloudy and we did see the sun again, but today, rain
is again falling in earnest.  

The highs are in the 50's which is much better than those 2 days when
highs were only in the 30's!  Brrrrrr!!!  We witnessed an accident caused
by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve night as we were out delivering
cookies, and I had to stand in the cold rain for about an hour as we
stopped to help the injured, and waited for the officer to get to us to
take our statements.  I was ready for the rain to stop.

I have a daffodil blooming it's little heart out right now.  This is
early for the daffs even here.  Brave little soul.  He can't even get
any of his brethren to stand there with him, so he stands alone
in the cold and the rain.  The oxalis is blooming near him
and he seems to take heart from that.  There are also some
mums still blooming around the corner, and in the back 
yard, the camillias are coming into their own.  

The camillias are reliable bloomers all winter every year, and I
do so enjoy them.  I had a daphne that was beautiful last year,
but alas, I had it in a spot that was too damp for it, and it drowned.
I will get some more and try again. :-)

Hope springs eternal.  The days are getting longer, and I look
forward to longer and warmer days.  January will soon be here
and gone, and temps will start to moderate more often.
May this coming New Year bring peace, hope and joy to all.  :-)