Re: [gardeners] tomato seed experiment

B. Davis (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 10:35:53 -0500

Hello Allen and Judy,

I did make an error in my original message.  It was the determinate, 
hybrid tomatoes that made all of my production.  Like I said, I 
garnered over 150 fruit from them both from the spring production 
and from the fall production after they had been cut back and had 
regrown.  I only had a few plants and they were literally loaded.

I'll be anxious to see what comes from these offspring of hybrids.  I 
think one of the reasons the seeds sprouted in the tomato is that 
they are very mild and not acidic.  Probably the reason that Stokes 
Seeds doesn't offer these peelable types any longer is that they 
produce only medium fruit.  That matters not at all to me as I eat 
them in salads and usually cut them into pieces anyway.

Barbara Davis       zone 7/8       southwest of Fort Worth, TX