Re: [gardeners] tomato seed experiment

Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 11:05:40 -0600

Hi Barbara,
    After years of raising tomatos, I have found out that I prefer the
medium tomato. You get more of them, less time for insects to damage
them, less blossom end rot also. I like to eat them like apples when I am
in the garden picking this and that.  I have also found that the largest
tomatos even when the plant is staked or caged suffers much more damage
from wind and has a tendency to fall over after heavy rains.The larger
tomatos usually suffer more from checking and splitting too.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx

B. Davis wrote:

> Hello Allen and Judy,
> I did make an error in my original message.  It was the determinate,
> hybrid tomatoes that made all of my production.  Like I said, I
> garnered over 150 fruit from them both from the spring production
> and from the fall production after they had been cut back and had
> regrown.  I only had a few plants and they were literally loaded.
> I'll be anxious to see what comes from these offspring of hybrids.  I
> think one of the reasons the seeds sprouted in the tomato is that
> they are very mild and not acidic.  Probably the reason that Stokes
> Seeds doesn't offer these peelable types any longer is that they
> produce only medium fruit.  That matters not at all to me as I eat
> them in salads and usually cut them into pieces anyway.
> Barbara Davis       zone 7/8       southwest of Fort Worth, TX