Re: [gardeners] In the kitchen on a Thursday

penny x stamm (
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 23:00:45 -0500

George, did you really mean $2.99 for 18 lbs of Rio Red
grapefruits...??? One Ruby Red costs me $1.29 .... 
Count your blessings, Sir!

I spent Wednesday and Thursday cooking up a storm for
Jimmie's  77th birthday coming shortly, when all his 
cousins whom he reckons up by dozens come to enjoy
some home cookin'. .  The weather outside was even more
than we snow lovers might enjoy -- 11degrees with winds
up to 45 mph. Today at least we had 10 minutes of snowfall
(grin) but tonight they expect minus 10, with the windchill. 

I fixed about 40 Chinese blackened chicken wings; two 
6qt pressure cookers of brisket pot roast; mashed potatoes by 
the bucketful; fresh real cranberry sauce (absolutely delicious);
and a gingerbread cake for his late night snacking. Dinner was
easy -- seafood cocktail, kielbasa with mashed potatoes and 
creamed spinach (ugh.. I grew up with plain franks and beans, 
but Jim's Dad was German..) 

The skies are so bad that we cannot get outside in our winter
mackinaws to see the Quadrontid meteor shower this weekend.
I'm totally frustrated by Mother Nature!

Penny, NY  in the grip of an Arctic jet stream..... 

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