Re: [gardeners] Food Steamer

George Shirley (
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 08:41:44 -0600

Let's see, got an Aurora steamer that I mostly cook rice in, but sometimes
steam veggies. Got a microwave veggie steamer that I really like as it's quick
but does the job. Broccoli takes 5 minutes and is crispy crunchy the way we
like it. Got the oriental steamer basket made of bamboo but seldom use it
unless I've got lots of time. Pretty much you can steam a mixture of veggies
without a problem in any of them. Steamed green beans and small onions are
right good.


Rosemary Carlson wrote:

> Hi all: Well, today I hit the after Xmas sales. Good stuff! Got a desk I
> needed for my office and a sweater chest for my bedroom. Both really needed
> - and both WONDERFUL bargains. Cherry desk, mahogany chest. LESS than half
> price. Super!
> But, I'm writing to ask all of you about a food steamer. I've wanted one
> FOREVER - and found a top of the line Oster on sale today for $15!!! So,
> I've got it. Any tricks? Any good recipes? I can't WAIT to cook seafood and
> veggies in it!! Anyone have one? I really wanted a Chinese bamboo - but
> couldn't find one. I'll be anxious to hear your experiences!
> Rosemary in FRIGID Eastern KY where we are expecting 2 inches (more) of
> snow and MORE ice than THAT! AACCKK!!!