Re: [gardeners] Food Steamer

Jane Burdekin (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 09:03:00 -0700

Hi Rosemary,
I have had the Chinese bamboo steamer type for about 25 years now and use
it all the time.  It takes about 20 minutes or so to steam most vegies like
broccoli or asparagus, cauliflower a bit longer.  You can put a bowl in the
top to steam fish so you don't loose the juices.  In the bowl I usually put
the fish, and seasoning like rice wine, peanuts, soy sauce or what ever
your recipe calls for.  You can steam spinach or other greens too.  I
usually stack the bamboo steamers up with different things in each basket. 
It works great for tamales.  There are just a bunch of things you can do
with a steamer.  You can also cook your rice under the steamer so you only
use one pan and the steamer.  I just love it as you can probably tell. 
Have fun with it and congrats on your great buys.  

(heading out to a couple of sales in frozen Colorado, 3" last night)

> Hi all: Well, today I hit the after Xmas sales. Good stuff! Got a desk I
> needed for my office and a sweater chest for my bedroom. Both really
> - and both WONDERFUL bargains. Cherry desk, mahogany chest. LESS than
> price. Super! 
> But, I'm writing to ask all of you about a food steamer. I've wanted one
> FOREVER - and found a top of the line Oster on sale today for $15!!! So,
> I've got it. Any tricks? Any good recipes? I can't WAIT to cook seafood
> veggies in it!! Anyone have one? I really wanted a Chinese bamboo - but
> couldn't find one. I'll be anxious to hear your experiences!
> Rosemary in FRIGID Eastern KY where we are expecting 2 inches (more) of
> snow and MORE ice than THAT! AACCKK!!!