RE: [gardeners] Daphne, camellias, and weather

Myra Amler (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 16:29:42 -0500


Congratulations on your purchases.  I have two daphne odoras that are ready 
to bloom (in maybe the next two weeks).  I love the smell from these little 
bushes.  Of course, I killed two of these shrubs before I located a spot in 
my yard that they liked.

What are the names of the camellia japonicas you bought?  I have several 
here in Charlotte, but the only name that I can recall is Miss Charleston ( 
I am NOT going to run outside and look!).  I like japonicas, but I have 
found here in Charlotte it is hit or miss with enjoying the blooms, they 
are sometimes cold damaged (or ice damaged!). You will have much better 
luck with them in your neck of the woods.  I have started to prefer 
Camellia sasanqua which blooms in late fall.  Of course I don't know the 
name of my one sasanqua, the nursery tag got lost!  It has beautiful light 
pink double blooms.  A lovely shrub.

We are supposed to be experiencing a bad ice storm at the moment, but we 
aren't getting much of anything except rain (fortunately).  The local 
weather weenies got hysterical yesterday with advisories and warnings all 
afternoon and night long.  The storm was supposed to start at dawn, but we 
didn't have anything until about an hour ago.  It is not as bad as the 
pre-Christmas ice storm we had.  I hope that the ice will not accumulate as 
I noticed my witch hazel bush was trying to start blooming!

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry!

Myra Amler
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