Re: [gardeners] Barb Rothenberger's husband

George Shirley (
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 08:55:10 -0600

You can also tell him he's my hero, at least as far as berry crops go. I've had
better luck following his advice than from any of the books I have. We have so
much heat, humidity, and molds and fungi down here it's often difficult to grow
domesticated brambles. You got a smart feller there.


Barb Rothenberger wrote:

> Yep, Geroge, one and the same.  He has been retired now for an entire year.
>  I keep trying to get him to write something - he told everyone that he was
> going to write a book in retirement - but so far nothing.  He still does
> his column for Flower & Garden magazine (he is regional editor) and does a
> monthly stint on a local TV program.  He is doing some consulting.  I have
> two landscape plans I am having trouble getting around to doing that I wish
> I could get him to do FOR me! ha! I printed off your message and will give
> it to him.
> Barb -who is currently snowed in now - not sure HOW much snow we got.  We
> shoveled yesterday - HARD work as it snowed, then sleeted and then snowed
> again, making it very heavy.  Then started snowing again yesterday
> afternoon.  May not even go to church this morning.
> At 07:24 PM 1/1/99 -0600, you wrote:
> >Was sitting in the easy chair this evening re-reading my downloaded
> >raspberry info from the U of Mo at Columbia web site. There was the
> >extension guy's name - Ray Rothenberger! Is this your husband Barb?
> >Whether he is or not I've learned more about taking care of my berry
> >vines from his web presence than from any book. Tell him I said thanks a
> >lot.
> >
> >A delighted George
> >
> >
> Barb Rothenberger
> Columbia, Mo.
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