Re: [gardeners] Snow in the Garden

Bill Loke (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 10:08:30 -0500

It's lovely. A foot of snow most of which is swirling around in 40 mph winds
deciding where it likes to land best. But at least my plants can finally
pull it around their shoulders and nap until spring. Kinda rough on Buster
tho because he had to move three times before he could finish. Aw well, the
blower is ready and I can play my only winter sport. We are getting a
mixture of snow and ice pellets. noisy to say the least. Good thing we can
walk thru on-line gardens. :-) Have to get busy now starting germination
tests of saved seeds. (Bill & Chris Loke)[Z4/5 on a good day]
The Lokeation, RR#1, Kars, Ontario K0A 2E0
Elderberries have more fun than younger berries!
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From: Linda Baranowski-Smith <>
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Date: Sunday, January 03, 1999 12:24 AM
Subject: [gardeners] Snow in the Garden

>Oh, the weather outside is frightful...
>And the fire is so delightful...
>Yup, first day we haven't been able to get out into the garden.  Although
>there's nothing there to pick, we've been spreading composted manure.
>Looks like we may be done for a time as it's snowin' and blowin' and
>rainin' (not sleet, RAIN) at the same time.  Had to send my DH out in the
>storm to disconnect his ham radio antennae as we had a few rounds of snow
>lightnin' and thunder too.  Ohio weather is oh so fickle.
>Also sent my DH out a few days ago to line the greenhouse vent edges with
>fiberglass insulation.  Guess you know who the "plant manager" is at our
>house!  We heat with propane over the winter and keep the stored plants and
>cuttings at a minimum temp but it has been sooooo cold that the heater
>doesn't stop.
>We were lucky that the storm held off as we had to take my brother to the
>Detroit airport (about 60 miles north) yesterday to head back to Phoenix
>after his holiday visit.  He was amazed that we had some fine, sweet
>escarole yet for dinner salad.  Also had the last of the ripened 'maters
>from the garden, which I'll miss until next year's crop.  Refuse to eat the
>tasteless 'maters from the store.  If I get desperate, I'll have to buy
>those $3.00/lb kind.  Ugh!
>Seems that turnips have been a hot topic.  Yea, I like 'em and all veggies
>except one... okra.  Guess I never learned to cook them correctly.  The
>first time I tried them, I boiled them.  Wrong thing to do, I guess.  The
>dawg wouldn't even touch 'em.  They're ok in veggie soup, but I just can't
>get the boiled okra picture out of my mind!  Gross!  You have to forgive
>me, a northerner, for screwing up this veggie.
>Was visiting an aunt in Beaumont several years ago.  We were invited to an
>out-of-my social-class friend's house.  They had a cook from 'Loosiana.'
>She fixed okra, breaded and fried.  It was good.  She also made some
>authentic gumbo with oysters.  Now, oysters are not on my favorite foods
>list either, but I must admit that if everything at that dinner was
>gen-u-ine southern cookin', I could become a southerner real fast.
>Oooooo-eeee, she made some dishes with hot pepper that blew the pilot light
>from the stove!
>We have one more big task to do, that is, take my mother to the airport
>Monday morning for her 3 months in Phoenix.  Then I get serious about
>reviewing the mountains of new catalogs I've been collecting in a box.
>Already have some plug orders in, but there's always something untried to
>try.  Love it!  My first time artichoke plants this season were amazing.
>Got about 30 chokes from them.  It was so neat.  Haven't decided what my
>'first time' veggie will be in 1999.  What are you all trying for the first
>time in '99?
>Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5