[gardeners] In the Garden - January 4, 1999

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 09:55:47 -0600

Woke up to 26F this am at 0600 and it is going to get no higher than 40F
today according to the weather forecasters. Supposed to get down to 20F
tonight and then warm up to the 40's and 50's for rest of the week.
Guess (hope) winter ends tonight. Greenhouse holding 40F with 3 150 watt
light bulbs providing heat. Got the propane heater ready to go if
necessary but don't like to leave even a small open fire unattended.

The chile plants and uncovered tomatoes bit the dust last night as did
the jicama. Good news on the jicama, my unusual stuff to grow in 1998,
got fruits, veggies, or whatever they are. Scratched around yesterday
and found several jicama that are big as softballs. Guess the plant is a
viable grower for this zone (9B), which is good as we like them sliced
thin in stir fry and also in salads. Not bad just as a crunchy to eat.

Gonna dig a small batch of sunchokes this afternoon to cook for dinner,
get 'em fresh and there's no starch for me to worry about. They store
easily in the ground here but can be invasive if you're not careful.

Picked the last of the Ponderosa lemons yesterday, six lemons each the
size of a very large softball, one of those slow pitch jobs. Gonna juice
'em out today and freeze the juice for use in the summer. Made enough
marmalade in last two weeks to last the year so don't need any more
lemon peel unless I decide to dry some for "zest." Miz Anne also likes
to make a tea with citrus peel, mint leaves, and orange pekoe tea
leaves. Drinks the stuff hot but I never was much of a tea sipper.

Got clothes in the washer and the dehydrator needs emptying so had
better go to work again.