Re: [gardeners] green houses

George Shirley (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 16:39:00 -0600

Our greenhouse is an old one that was given to us by friends. We
dismantled it, did repairs to dry rotted wood and then put it back
together. Never again!! The blasted thing had been custom built by a wood
butcher, no two pieces of wood were the same length or cut at the same
angle. Next time I build one from scratch. Won't use fiberglas the next
time either. Saw some really neat polycarbonate sheeting at Home Depot the
other day. Wonder if Miz Anne would mind me having two greenhouses for a
short while? Hmmm, I could wait until she goes to visit her momma again.
Oh yeah, make it about twice as big as you figure you'll need. I can't
even get my stuff in the greenhouse for all Miz Anne's potted plants that
are in there. The thing is twelve feet wide and fourteen feet long and
needs to be doubled. Either that or we gotta kill some plants this year.

George wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I hope everyone is enjoying winter.  So far, we have
> been really hit by the snow. I am hoping the kids will have a full day
> of school tomorrow.  We have had 2 snow days this week,
> yesterday and today they were on a 2 hour delay, and I pulled
> them out of school early yesterday because the weather got bad
> again.
> Anyway, on to gardening.  I don't have  a greenhouse, but some
> day would like to have one. We have seen kits in Menards, and
> kits in various catalogs.  Does anyone have any pointers on what
> makes a good greenhouse, and just general tips?
> thanks,
> Holly
> holly zone 5