Re: [gardeners] In the garden?

George Shirley (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 18:25:59 -0600 wrote:

> >Our ground is frozen, daytime temps around 40, but low 20s at night.
> >Pretty much the usual winter weather.  I've got to get some chile and
> >cauliflower seeds started, though.  Margaret
> Is that all the colder it is where you are?  I thought the midwest was
> pretty well frozen.
> Let us all know how Windows 98 turns out.  I  don't think I'm reday for it.

I was using Windows 3.1.1 and tried to go directly to 98, had unload it, load
the latest version of 95 and then 98. Works good ever since, very rarely get
dreaded error messages except when I use one of my old Dos programs.

> We keep getting squalls, 5-10 cm here and there.  It's keeping everything
> pretty and white.  We should have another big one this weekend (maybe) so
> it should be interesting.  Average temp -9 celsius, with wind chill -30-35.
>  Despite bad weather the roofers are coming tomorrow to reshingle our
> garage.  This is what Mennonite farmboys do in the winter.

I'm glad I'm a devout heathen, just reading your message made me go put my
woolies on. Just can't handle the cold anymore.

> The front lawn is a snowfort, and the back is now about 24 inches deep with
> drifts.  At least all the summertime disasters from the drought and heat
> are covered up.  I shudder to think what I have lost.  Next phase is
> groundcover, I think.  The job has gotten so hectic I won't have much time
> to garden and think I'll spend that little bit I do have moving my good
> bulbs to the farm.  Godwilling I can retire soon.
> Lucinda

I'm pulling for you, my semi-retirement is the best thing that ever happened to
Miz Anne and I. We finally have time to do all the things we wanted to do.
Sometimes the house gets pretty messy and the grass may need mowing but we're