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William McKay (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:01:37 PST

>Anyway, on to gardening.  I don't have  a greenhouse, but some 
>day would like to have one. We have seen kits in Menards, and 
>kits in various catalogs.  Does anyone have any pointers on what 
>makes a good greenhouse, and just general tips?
>holly zone 5

You might start with reading a few books on the subject.  I recently 
read "Mark Freeman, Building your Own Greenhouse, Stackpole Books, 1997.  
Not bad.  Good ideas, even if you do not want to build your own.  I 
recently built an 8X12 for very little money (I managed to salvage most 
of the materials.  However, even if I had bought everything, I doubt I 
would have spent more that $250 and that includes a venting fan.  Of 
course, that is without heat.  

You might also sign on to the Hobby Greenhouse list.  Lots of 
interesting stuff on the subject.  Sent email message to:  
>in body of message type subscribe HGA-L  (I went and looked in my old 
messages, but I can not find the information on how to subscribe.  It is 
either as above, or subscribe [your name] HGA-L)  I would try the first 
way.  If not correct you will get an error message.

Good advice about think of how big a green house you want, and then 
double it.  I am already thinking of another one.  

Bill M in E. Mass

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