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Martha Brown (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 23:10:30 -0600

	For those who aren't into "poop" my dad had a hot bed with an underground
wood stove made by cutting the ends out of two (or more it has been too
long to remember) 55 gal barrels and I assume welding them end to end with
a door on one end and a stove pipe on the other.  This was buried
underneath the hot bed with the door end in a pit that was dug out so he
could load the wood.  The stove pipe was at the opposite end of the bed. 
This was covered with a two by four frame covered with plastic.  This was
at the place we lived before I started school so has been a long, looong
time ago and I don't remember much except how toasty it was in there when
there was snow and ice everywhere.  The perfect place to play in the dirt
if you didn't get caught :-))
M Brown
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: Date: Thursday, January 07, 1999 7:47 PM
: On Thu, 7 Jan 1999 wrote:
: > Kay must know a lot about poop.  How much does it take for a hotframe?
: You mean you saw my old job description from the parasitology lab?
: "Official sh** stirrer"  ;-) 
: About 6-8" of nice fresh horse or cow manure and straw is what my
: mother's family always used in Iowa... less manure and more straw
: if you were dealing with chickens instead of horses and cows.
: Kay Lancaster
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